MBLA Membership Forms

Annual Membership Application
Waiver and Release

Please print and complete the above two forms to obtain membership.

Terms and Conditions of MBLA Membership

Members will be responsible for obeying all rules/codes of the Association including restrictions of individual landowners.

  • Stay on trails, edges, or paths along fields.
  • Leave the trails as you found them.
  • Ride in a different track than your partner on trails.
  • Ride single file at a walk on all roads.
  • Obey and respect any landowner's requests.
  • Wear hard hats and proper footwear.
  • Report any poor riding conditions immediately to the MBLA.
  • No smoking or litter permitted on trails.
ABSOLUTELY NO: hunting, motorized ATVs, or walking by foot (unless you are leading your horse or trail clearing).

Be respectful of the landowner's easements.

Please notify the police of any ATV activity. Use your cell phone to call and identify the vehicle and describe the rider's clothing.

Middlebury police: (203) 577-4028